How It Works

Once you have decided you would like to use our service, be that regularly or on occasions, we will ask you how you want your clothes returned to you. You can have them on hangers, folded or a combination of the two. So, if you want men’s T shirts folded and ladies T shirts hung – that’s no problem to us.


We’ll then arrange a time for collection and delivery at a mutually agreeable time.


All you then need to do is put the clothes you want ironing in a bag and provide enough hangers. We will take them away and return them freshly ironed, hung or folded according to your preference. Easy!


When we have completed your ironing we will text you to let you know the cost.


There is no need to enter into a contract with us. You can terminate the arrangement at any time or simply take weeks out if you don’t need our service. All we ask is that you accept our terms and conditions.